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How long will my Device be away?

We will aim to have your Device back with you in about 3 to 5 working days.
If it will be longer than this we will let you know by phone or email.

How do I send my device to Repair-My-Device for repair?

Fill the repair form on the website.
Be sure the unit is securely packaged to avoid damage.
Use an insured carrier, for UK we highly recommend the Royal Mail Special Delivery service, for Europe or America shipping via FedEx or DHL.

Can I drop and collect my device from you, do you have a shop?

Yes. Although 80% of our repairs are via mail order we do welcome clients in to visit our workshop for a repair.
We are not a shop though, and so if you would like to visit us for a repair please call us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.

Where do I send my device?

All the shipping address details are sent to you via email when you complete your repair order.
12 Cedar Grove / W5 4AP

Will i keep my Unit Save data?

The warranty information booklet reads: "Before sending the products to the Repair-My-Device Centre, you should remove or delete any private or confidential files or data.
You accept and agree that Repair-My-Device Service will not be responsible for any loss, deletion or corruption of your files or data that have not been deleted or removed.
Repair-My-Device Service strongly recommends that you make a back-up copy of any data that you do not remove or delete.
In short, we will always try to retain any save data you may have, but we cannot guarantee that it will not be lost.


There is NO WARRANTY on liquid damage repairs due to the nature of the repair.
The price quoted will depend on whether there is physical damage to the Device, as with some cases of liquid damage, parts need to be replaced like LCD, Speaker, and Mic.
There is a minimum cost of £9.95 is for diagnostics and to cover engineers time trying to repair each liquid damaged unit. The minimum charge is only applicable if you refuse the quote or if your device is deemed beyond economical repair.
We will only charge you the initial quote price if the phone is fully working when it leaves the Repair Centre but there is no warranty on liquid damaged phones.
Some liquid damaged units appear to be working; this is due to corrosion within the Micro Chips (ICs) shorting together allowing an electrical current to run. This allows the unit to switch on, however it can sometimes be a short circuit, and when the engineer clean and flushes the phone it removes the short circuit, and may result in the unit no longer powering up.
It is one of the most common problems that can occur when repairing water damaged units. Sometimes just attempting to repair the unit CAN TERMINATE IT, this is due to internal corrosion and not a procedural fault. Manufacturers Company’s WILL NOT touch a liquid damaged phone because of the failure rates in repair.
Please do not blame Mobile Repair Service if your water damage unit fails during repair. We cannot be held responsible for what happens when we take apart a water damaged unit.
Repair-My-Device Service cannot be held responsible for any hardware or software failures undertaken on any unit during a non warranty repair, as we cannot know what has happened to a phone before it comes into our service centre. For example physical damage, unknown liquid damage, or unknown software issue, etc...)

How do I pay?

If a repair is chargeable you will be advised of the cost and how to pay.
Methods of payment include cheque, postal order, secure online credit card or a standard credit card via our customer service team.
We accept Credit or Debit card payment trough PayPal only 
We accept PayPal payments, cash payments, cheques (please allow 3-4 working days for the payment to clear).


To have you device returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery, Guaranteed delivery before 1.00pm Next Day (up to 500GBP compensation in case of loss or damage) click on the link below (7.50 GBP); This represents Royal Mail postage fees(5.90GBP),plus an additional amount that covers secured packaging of the device and manpower costs.

Royal Mail Recorded Signed For (Proof of posting, Signature on delivery, Online confirmation of delivery, Up to 41GBP compensation in case of loss or damage) (4.50 GBP);This represents Royal Mail postage fees(3.25GBP),plus an additional amount that covers secured packaging of the device and manpower costs.

Repair While You Wait Service?

We offer repair while you wait service by an appointment on the telephone number: 0203 4324 982

What is a "inspection or evaluation service" and how does it work?

If you're not sure what what's wrong with your device and would like for us to give you a quote for repair, order this service.
Our repair quote includes the price of evaluation. For example, if the amount needed to repair your device is £60, and you paid £20 for the inspection service, we'll quote you an additional £40 for repair.

Are your parts original products?

Yes, unless otherwise indicated.

Do I need to include anything with my device for repairs?

Please do not include any chargers, accessories, or boxes that you would like to be returned to you (exception only when the accessory is connected with the fault). If you do happen to include these things, we'll do our best to get them back to you, but reserve the right to dispose of these items.
If you're sending a device that requires a code to unlock it, please provide this number with your device so that we may do extensive testing.
  • Apple iPhone 4
    Crackling Sound Repair
    Repair  iPhone 4
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    Crackling Sound description. Random Crackling/Distortion sound it is a common problem an all the sat nav witch  is caused by a hardware problem or damaged speaker . What can cause this problem ...
    19.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • Apple iPhone 4
    Back Cover Replacement Repair
    Repair  iPhone 4
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    9.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • Motorola ES400
    Touch Screen Repair
    Repair  ES400
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    Touch screen fault description.  If you have touch screen damage, broken or not responding contact us we have the solution. Touch screen is visible damage. Touch screen stop answering. Calibr ...
    39.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • Arnova ARNOVA 10 G2
    Faulty or Damaged Screen Repair
    Repair  ARNOVA 10 G2
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    89.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • Canon EOS 400D (EOS Digital Rebel XTi / EOS Kiss Digital X)
    LCD screen Repair
    Repair  EOS 400D (EOS Digital Rebel XTi / EOS Kiss Digital X)
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    39.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • O2 XDA Guide
    Touch Screen Repair
    Repair  XDA Guide
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    Touch screen fault description.  If you have touch screen damage, broken or not responding contact us we have the solution. Touch screen is visible damage. Touch screen stop answering. Calibr ...
    29.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • TomTom Go 630
    Faulty or Damaged Screen Repair
    Repair  Go 630
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    49.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • Samsung Galaxy J3
    Liquid Damage Repair
    Repair  Galaxy J3
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    9.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • Canon PowerShot G11
    Lens fault Repair
    Repair  PowerShot G11
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    Lens Broken ...
    29.99 GBP
    • Repair price
  • TomTom Go 7000
    Green Light No Power Repair
    Repair  Go 7000
    Repair location:
    London - Ealing - United Kingdom

    Green light fault description. If you have any off this problems listed below is time to take action. Light on the power supply just flashes green no power . No signs of life except a green blink ...
    29.99 GBP
    • Repair price
Customer feedback
Repair My Device ServicesKen Waddington
Really great work, thank you so much! I would definitely recommend your services. My phone cleaned up and working well enough to recover all my data, phew! Plus diagnosis that it could not be fully repaired and a correct warning that it could fail again. All this with no charge but the postage. You don't find service like that very often these days.
Repair My Device ServicesMichael Burton
Would be delighted to tell you. Excellent service, great communication re progress being made. Great turn around time. Excellent job done at a fair price. Would defo recommend and use again.
Repair My Device ServicesAlan Pearce
Repair is excellent. Box it was sent back in was a bit small, with garmin jammed in across corners. Arrived safely though.
Repair My Device ServicesTony Binks
Excellent repair, sat nav was returned next day. Quick efficient service no complaints whatsoever
Repair My Device ServicesJo Williams
My Palm Pre suffered damage to the SIM connectors – this effectively made the phone useless as without it being able to access the SIM card it served little purpose. I searched the web for a repair service and there were very few companies that repair Palm handsets. After reading the reviews of Mobile Repair Service I filled out the questionnaire choose the fast track option and mailed my phone to them. They notified me when the received the phone, the status was continually updated and the unit repaired very quickly. It was returned to me within two days and has worked perfectly since. Many thanks for an excellent service and I will certainly be recommending you to friends and colleagues alike.
Repair My Device ServicesDavid Evans
Very satisfied with the service. The phone was repaired at the quoted price and returned on time.
Repair My Device ServicesClaire Horsman
My device was repaired and returned amazingly quickly, at a reasonable price and is probably now better than new. Thank you very much
Repair My Device ServicesMartyn Hughes
Garmin developed a faulty comms connection. Device repaired - now works perfectly. I am very grateful to the technicians at repair - my - device. Many thanks
Repair My Device ServicesSimon
Very quick service sat nav good as new I would use repair my device again thanks
Repair My Device ServicesLaura Bryce
Thankyou all fixed
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